4510 Material

Alternanthera Chartreuse: A dazzling addition to landscape beds. Prized for its eye-catching color, compact growth habit, and durability. This strain of alternanthera is a favorite of landscapers, growing just 8 - 12" tall and providing a bright , bold color from early spring until frost. FULL SUN.

Alternanthera Little Ruby: Excellent compact, low-mounding growth habit from 12-15" high and 14-18" wide. A perfect alternative to traditional blooming color, the rich shades of burgundy and red add brightness and lasting color to landscape. Maintains its color from early spring until frost. FULL to PART SUN. 

Alternanthera Snow Queen: Low growing, mounding strain with a slow growth habit. Varigated foliage with krinkled leaves. Performs best in contained environments and can be used as a filler for container gardening for texture and color. Prefers filtered light.

*Please note: 1 gallon material must be sold in multiples of six. 

Deer Resistant
Full Sun
Partial Sun
Border Plant
Drought Resistant
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